Before proofreading, there’s the process of copyediting. Copyediting is essential if you want to make sure that what you’re trying to say is clearly and correctly conveyed throughout your piece.

It’s more involved than proofreading, in that it not only checks for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, but also addresses language and content.

As a freelance editor, here are just some (of the many!) questions I consider:

  • Is the language appropriate for the intended readership?
  • Are the correct words used, and are they in the right order?
  • Is the language free of jargon?
  • Are there any omissions or inconsistencies in information?

If these questions are the sort of things you’re worried about, then investing in copyediting is one of the most valuable decisions that you can make. It’ll not only improve the clarity of your writing, but will also promote understanding between you and your reader.

Structural Editing

While copyediting involves analysing the finer details, structural editing looks at the bigger picture. It’s a valuable way for authors to gain a fresh perspective on their draft manuscript.

As a structural editor, I look at how all the different elements of a manuscript work together as a whole. These elements vary from fiction to non-fiction, but ultimately I keep one question in mind:

'What is at the heart of this book, and does it clearly shine through every page?'

By doing a structural edit of your manuscript, I can help you identify what really works and what needs improvement. I offer initial feedback including carefully considered suggestions for resolving issues, plus an agreed number of follow-up edits should you need further advice.

Interested? Simply get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and discuss your project in further detail.

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