Blog Copywriting

When it comes to blogging, there are some great reasons why you should make a go of it. They’re an effective content marketing strategy that can seriously help promote your business and foster a valuable relationship between you and your customers.

But, you might be struggling to post on a regular basis, or find it difficult to come up with blogging ideas. And because of that, you might not be getting many likes, tweets or shares.

Then before you know it, your blog has lost its marketing mojo.

Being a blog and web content writer means that I can help you capture the magic that blogging can conjure.

Blogs have the potential to offer your customers a fresh perspective, provide them with new information and sway their emotions. Ultimately, they can inspire your customers to share your posts on social media and engage with your business.

And the more customers engage with your business, the more likely they’ll purchase your products and services. Makes sense, right?

So, whether you need blog posts written from scratch, or have some of your own ideas that need fine-tuning, I can help you create cleverly written and super shareable web content that’s SEO friendly too.

Simply contact me and we can discuss what blog style and content would best suit your business.

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    Nicole Nathan

    // The Subtle Scribe

    I’m a proofreader, editor and copywriter who helps entrepreneurs, writers, and small business owners turn simple ideas into sophisticated messages. Whether it’s on paper or the web, I’ll carefully craft content that’s guaranteed to engage and inspire.